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        Established in March 1993, Zhengzhou Nissan Auto Co., Ltd (abb. as ZNA) is Nissan’s first Sino-Japanese vehicle joint venture in China’s mainland. As a main development base of LCV products for DF and Nissan in China, ZNA was organized into the DF system in October 2004 and became a wholly-owned subsidiary of DFL in 2017. With registered capital of 1.29 billion Yuan and current asset of 6.6 billion Yuan, ZNA is a national high-tech enterprise and equipped with 3710 staffs (460 staffs in Changzhou), including 1636 professional technicians of all kinds (136 technicians in Changzhou).

        In light of the dual-brand development strategy, Zhengzhou Nissan has had two brands (Nissan and DF). Covering three automotive segments, that is pickup, SUV and CDV, ZNA is one of the enterprises with the broadest LCV products in China. ZNA, whose pickup has been the top three in pickup market for a long time, has a whole value chain of business process from product development, supply chain management, manufacturing to marketing services. And Dongfeng’s independent brand of passenger vehicle “Dongfeng Fengdu” in 2013.

        ZNA has been steadfastly exploring the professional fields and gradually becomes the leader in pickup and the pioneer of SUV and CDV since its foundation. ZNA provides customers high-quality products and overall services in car purchase and car use with its over-20-year joint-venture experience and customer-center Brand Philosophy "Trust, Company and Mutual Success". At present, ZNA, with 220 first-class dealers (4s stores, exhibition hall, etc.), 400 second-class dealers and over 400 appointed repair station, has formed an integrated and effective sales and service network for CBU sales, spare parts sales, information feedback and after-sales service.

        Since the foundation of the International Business Department in 2008, ZNA focuses on markets of Middle East, Middle and South America and Africa and has obtained international certificates of ECE/3CV/GSO etc. by exploring overseas market for many years. Additionally, ZNA has set up 4 KD assembly factories in overseas countries like Malaysia and sold its products well in more than 50 countries and regions of the world.

Business Vision of Zhengzhou Nissan:
        Strategic vision in the period of 13th 5-year plan: “professional and reliable, be market leader in pickup and cross-country SUV segments”.

Researching and Developing Capability
        The Technical Center of Zhengzhou NISSAN Automobile Co., Ltd. (ZNTC) is a national-recognized enterprise technology center and laboratory and recognized as an Engineering Laboratory of New Energy Automobile in Henan Province. ZNTC has set up province-level academician workstation and Zhengzhou Nissan postdoctoral workstation. Nearly 400 research personnel are engaged in research and development with the research and development institute of Changzhou Fengdu. With commodity evaluation, security and risk protection assessment and improvement capability reaching Nissan’s GOMU level, ZNTC is mainly responsible for the research, development and modification of the pickup, SUV and CDV of Dongfeng brand, and has won more than 150 provincial and ministerial scientific and technological achievements and become an important scientific research base for vehicle research, development and test after more than 20 years of continuous construction. Furthermore, new energy vehicle pilot production engineering center with an output of 5000 per year has also been founded.

Manufacturing Capability
        Zhongmu Factory is Nissan's global boutique green workshop whose indicators of QCT reach Nissan’s global model level. And the technicians of this factory have won many kinds of prizes in Nissan's Global Basic Skills Competition. As the first mixed assembly line in China, its assembly shop going into operation recently is able to realize mixed production of loading vehicle and non-loading one. In addition, plant’s capability of assembly, painting and welding reach to that of Nissan’s global top-standard and smart factory. What’s more, Changzhou Factory has become Dongfeng Motor Corporation’s strategic area in Yangtze River Delta and an important manufacturing plant and new energy base for the passenger vehicle brand, Dongfeng Fengdu, focusing on the development of passenger vehicle such as SUV, MPV etc..

Special Vehicle and New Energy Vehicle
        Zhengzhou Nissan Automobile Co., LTD has won the trust of its customers for the excellent product quality and has established many standards for the vehicle industry after practicing and exploring for a long time. Furthermore, ZNA can satisfy various modification demands of customers, setting up a competitive special vehicle business. Its products, modified and sold tens of thousands per year, have access to the industries of Public Security, Electricity, Telecom, Medical Treatment etc., and has taken the lead in the field of special and modified vehicles.
        ZNA passed the check of “New energy automobile production qualification” based on the new national regulation in the first batch, (ZNA was the first company that passed the check in Henan province). In 2009, ZNA was recognized as the province-level new energy light vehicle laboratory and academician workstation, and ZNA is taking the leading position in electric vehicle development. ZNA owns an advanced remote monitoring system of electric vehicle, which accommodates customers to monitor the condition of vehicle in real time. To meet the new requirements of the urban management “Clean city, green transportation, comfortable travel and convenient logistics”, ZNA is continuously developing new energy vehicles suitable for commercial use and passenger use and has launched many kinds of new energy vehicles, like SUCCE Electric Vehicle and RICH Electric Vehicle, serving such urban public transportation as urban logistics and citizen travel.

Quality Control
        ZNA strictly controls every link from product development and design, localization to manufacturing with NISSAN uniform global quality standard, one of the most strict standards — A-VES, NISSAN's unique product quality evaluation system, that is, to conduct more than 1,600 evaluations over every vehicle in a user's position and with an expert's view, which provides the same guarantee of international quality for the products under NISSAN brand and those under Dongfeng brand.