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Zhengzhou Nissan Rich challenge Dakar China Rally

2017-09-23 10:11:57

In the golden autumn, the Dakar China rally will start a passionate battle in Alashan Inner Mongolia on September 24th. Having a deep origin with Dakar Rally, Zhengzhou Nissan will go on an expedition again after a lapse of 14 years. RICH pickup with a classic Peking Opera face painting will be in battle field again. Being proven as " Ever-victorious general "  in the field at home and abroad, RICH pickup has inherit the spirit of impavidity and challenging oneself, assume a new mission in the northwest desert interpreting of Dakar unique rally spirit and passion.


Dakar rally has been as totem of countless fans who are infatuate about off-road campaign, not only including too many inspiring stories and legends, but also containing those people's affection and dreams. The Dakar China rally is the world's top off-road rally for the first time to enter China, arising widespread concern from the automobile industry and the fans.

The convergence of international top executive team, the top teams, riders and car manufacturers, this event is in full compliance with the standards of Dakar rally, including a challenging distance of about 2568 km, mainly 1660 km special stage in the desert, the Gobi track. The coefficient of difficulty is even beyond the level of most world-class dirt rally tournament.


The motorsport marketing of China began from Dakar rally, Zhengzhou Nissan is the pioneer and the Peking Opera face painting PALADIN is trailbreaker. In 2004, "Chinese top rider Lu Ningjun driving Paladin set foot on the journey to challenge Dakar rally and successfully finished the race, this is the first time for Zhengzhou Nissan participating in the Dakar rally, also the pilot in China automobile manufacturers attending world's top rally. After the simple safety modification, production version Paladin finished the Rally successfully and shocked international counterparts. Since then, the Paladin took part in Dakar rally in three consecutive years. In 2005 three car racers all finished the race and got best rank in Chinese team participating the world's top events. Paladin team enjoyed   best record again among Chinese team in 2006. These three years glorious Dakar experience made Zhengzhou Nissan event marketing leader in China, meanwhile Peking Opera painting Paladin became eternal classic.




In the year 2006,Rich pickup served as the service car for Paladin team and conquered the Continental Europe and Africa during the Dakar Rally.  The brave paladin in front, The Rich pickup chased closely. In this race,the Rich pickup completed the Dakar rally for the first time and break the Chinese team’s record, Rich as a service car completed the whole race with Paladin.

Then in the year 2008, through the eastern marathon cross-country rally, the Chinese team achieve the best rank during this international cross-country rally, and for the first time to complete the whole Eurasian continent race. 

Since the year 2013,and started from the Tower rally, Rich pickup started the Championship mode, for 5 consecutive years Rich pickup win 7 champions in the Tower mass rally, China rally, Silk road rally, and Rich pickup won the "champion pickup" reputation and highlighted the stable and reliable product quality of Chinese pickup. And the success of Zhengzhou Nissan T2 production team and since that the "production car + user riders" competition model led the domestic car enterprises' innovate trend.  



Driving a Peking Opera face painting racing automobile is a dream of countless car enthusiasts when they are children. Now RICH pickup as the original factory production car registered in FASC, with a great reputation of off-road championship, will go to the battle carrying dreams and self appeal of customers. On September 24th, RICH pickup with Peking Opera face painting should go forward to Alashan, following Paladin steps in Dakar China rally, sharing fast and furious racing, releasing of off-road passion, and achieving dream in Dakar, created new brilliant chapter again!