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Zhengzhou Nissan Rich Pickup team completed the SS1 stage smoothly

2017-09-29 11:42:18

On September 24, 2017, with the commencement of SS1 stage, the first Dakar series China Rally officially kicked off in China. Zhengzhou Nissan Rich Pickup team set foot on Dakar journey once again. In the fierce competition, three racing cars (No.201/No.201/No.203) completed SS1 stage smoothly.



The starting and ending points of SS1 stage are all set in ALXA hero campsite, the whole stage is 57 km, most is desert stage containing lots of sand dunes, and it is rather challenging for the navigators. It is warm-up game for drivers and racing cars to prepare well for the next difficult stages.





As the game progressed, Zhengzhou Nissan Rich Pickup team's potential will be bursting out gradually, stamina advantage of Rich will be stimulated further, greater success is expected in SS2 stage total 157 km course.