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Be faithful to our original aspiration and continue marching forward

2017-10-23 10:54:18

In September 30th, after seven days of fierce competition, the first Dakar China rally had a perfect ending in Alashan dream car park Inner Mongolia. In this world top Autocross, ZNA Rich pickup team successfully won the championship in three stage, overcoming lots of difficulties during challenging racing-course, and fully demonstrated the foundation and strength of Rich champion team.





As the first event of Dakar rally entering China, Dakar rally has attracted much attention since it released. The international top executive team ensures that the matches are in line with the Dakar rally standard. The challenging design of racing stage is very attractive to the majority of drivers. There is around 2568 km racing course, including 1660 km special stage, such as nearly 60% stage in the desert which is extremely rare even in
world-class rally.

People oriented, verifying product quality and improving product performance, meanwhile letting more consumers enjoy the passion and experience of autocross are ZNA unchanging goal. High end SUV class pickup-Nissan Navarra also as service vehicle, participated in this event, in order to share the fun with the majority of riders. "Return to professional" is development path of ZNA. Both in the dream car park and following Alashan heroes club, there are and will be more wonderful and anticipated campaigns we will bring for you,