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Dongfeng • Enjoy the Future in Funs

2017-11-29 01:55:22

Chile Time, 21 November, Chile Dongfeng Brand Night Ceremony was kicked off in Santiago, Chile.


Special guests such as commercial counselor of Chinese Embassy in Chile Liu Rutao, former ambassador of Chilean Embassy in China Luis Schmidt, president of ANAC Roberto Maristany Watt, deputy president of Chile National Automobile Commerce Chamber Guillermo Valdivieso, president of the board of directors of Dongfeng Motor Chile Dealer Group Francisco Javier Errazuriz, general manager Gonzalo Landaeta Pereira, etc., nearly 150 representatives from governments, chambers of commerce, and enterprises such as China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation, Ecuadorian Foreign Trade Bureau in Chile, Turkish Embassy in Chile, Chile Police Office, etc., and nearly 50 Chinese and Chilean reporters from People’s Daily, EL Mercurio, CMOL, La Tercera, America Economia, etc. were invited to attend the Dongfeng Brand Night.

On the ceremony, commercial counselor Liu Rutao made a speech: “It is my first time to attend overseas launch ceremony of Chinese automobile brands over the past three years since I have been working in Chile. Three years ago, Chinese automobile brands were not well-known in Chile. With development and innovation of Chinese automobile industry, Chinese automobile has enhanced quality and influence. Currently, Chinese automobile enterprises represented by Dongfeng are competitive in Chile. Chile is one of China’s most important export bases. Dongfeng Motor Corporation shall keep innovating to enhance quality and security for the purpose of bringing customers better experience.”

President Francisco also made a warm speech, in which he reviewed his cooperation with DFM over the past years, and shared his feelings. He said: it is a great honor for CIDEF to cooperate with DFM over the past years. CIDEF has very high quality requirements. Current DFM products also have corresponding quality and security.

Dongfeng Brand Night Ceremony is a wonderful start for DFM’s brand promotion activity in Chile. Next, DFM will perform test ride/drive(22 November), outdoor exhibition activities(24-27 November), etc. of representative passenger vehicles, and will enhance Dongfeng’s brand awareness and international image in Chile, and enhance Dongfeng’s brand value, through sponsoring football match and releasing brand advertisement in Chile.


Chile is a Dongfeng International Business “3+3+N” key strategy market, so DFM has continued to invest into brand construction in Chile. Due to the influence of such factors as financial crisis, drop in copper price, etc., Chilean automobile market over the past five years tended to be downward, but Dongfeng brand bucked the trend. Since the beginning of 2012 when DFM only sold 89 vehicles in Chile, annual sales volume on average was increased by nearly 50%. Moreover, with steady increase of terminal sales, DFM has made a sales breakthrough of 2,000 vehicles in 2017, and completed the challenging task target.

Under the background of positive China-Chile relationship, Chile as a bridgehead of South American market, is no doubt of significance. In the future, Chinese automobile enterprises will increase investment in Chile, and DFM is facing great challenge and pressure. Next, DFM will take diversified measures, for example, strengthening market analysis and strategy planning, performing reform and collaboration of sales platform mode, increasing brand promotion investment, etc. to promote sales volume in Chile!